Council for the Advancement of Science Writing

CASW seeks New Horizons Program Director

Position Announcement

(June 11, 2019) The Council for the Advancement of Science Writing is looking for an enthusiastic, organized, and experienced science writer to curate and produce the New Horizons in Science briefings, the annual program of presentations on research and issues in science offered by CASW since 1963. The New Horizons briefings are a major element of the annual ScienceWriters conference jointly organized by CASW and the National Association of Science Writers.

The ideal candidate will be a U.S.-based senior freelance writer whose work involves covering a wide range of science topics and who is familiar with the needs and interests of the community served by the ScienceWriters conference. The New Horizons Program Director keeps an eye on science news and emerging research throughout the year and consults with colleagues and CASW’s New Horizons Committee in order to create a high-quality, wide-ranging program of approximately 20 sessions. From March through May, the program is developed through confidential interviews with scientists, supplemented by an open call for proposals. In the fall, the Program Director finalizes all arrangements for the science sessions and directs the execution of the program at the conference.

This is a part-time contractual role. The level of effort is estimated at 25%-30% of full time over the course of the year, with the work typically focused on the months March-June and September-October. There is considerable flexibility in working arrangements and scheduling as long as deadlines are met during those periods.

The Program Director will work closely with the CASW Executive Director and NASW and host institution staff and volunteers as well as CASW’s Administrator and Communications Manager. This involves participating in a monthly steering committee conference call, checking in regularly with the Executive Director during times of peak activity, and coordinating program planning with the NASW Programs Committee.

Two annual trips are required: a four-day spring interview trip to the conference site, and attendance at the conference. In addition to covering the costs of required travel, CASW can subsidize a small amount of additional travel for research and will reimburse direct expenses.

The selected candidate will be invited to attend ScienceWriters2019 in late October and shadow CASW Executive Director Rosalind Reid as she produces the 2019 New Horizons program. The New Horizons Program Director will be hired on a contract that extends beyond the ScienceWriters2020 conference. The amount of the contract is $25,000 plus expenses; the deliverables are the science sessions. The contract is renewable annually by mutual agreement following each ScienceWriters meeting.

CASW is committed to diversity and inclusion in all of its activities and practices and strongly encourages applications from people of color, persons with disabilities, women, and LGBTQ applicants.

How to apply

Applications will be accepted through July 15. Applicants should submit a resumé and cover letter to The letter should include the applicant’s thoughts about the New Horizons program and describe the applicant’s other current/planned work and plans for balancing the CASW work with reporting and writing duties. The preferred candidate will be an independent journalist. Any affiliations with a scientific organization or institution as a client or employer should be disclosed along with a plan for managing potential conflicts of interests.