Council for the Advancement of Science Writing

CASW invites "Science Where You Are" proposals

As part of the virtual activities that will replace the traditional ScienceWriters conference in fall 2020, CASW invites science writers to join in sharing science experiences and presentations from their locales with colleagues this October.

With the planned Colorado conference postponed to 2021 because of the pandemic, ScienceWriters2020 will not have a host institution to organize field trips, lunches with scientists, and lab tours. But CASW Executive Director Rosalind Reid sees a silver lining. "This year we have the unique opportunity to travel virtually to the many institutions ScienceWriters may never be able to visit," she said. "And so CASW is inviting everyone to share the science of where YOU are."

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Proposals for virtual science presentations may be submitted until July 27. A panel of CASW board members will select up to a half-dozen lively, immersive experiences that take advantage of the online medium. Winning submitters will be responsible for production. During August and September, CASW will work with the winners to finalize, schedule, advertise and present #ScienceWhereUR events.

CASW is collaborating with Martha Heil and Ellen Kuwana, co-chairs of the Congress of Regional Science Writers Groups, to extend an invitation to all the regional science writing groups. "We are looking for a program that is diverse in every respect," Reid said. "We hope science writers will hear new voices, experience new and surprising science, and go new places."

Who Can Enter

Any science writer, institution, institute, or other organization in the Americas can propose a #ScienceWhereUR presentation. 


Deadline extended to July 27 (5:00 pm Pacific)

Selection and Production

Winners will be notified by August 5. The program for ScienceWriters2020 will be announced on August 11. Preliminary information about #ScienceWhereUR will be included.

Winners will have until mid-September to complete production. Details of #ScienceWhereUR will be announced during September, and presentations will be scheduled between September 26 and October 16.

Guidelines and a submission form may be found here.