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There are lots of tools to help journalists shepherd their story to completion. However, no one organizational tool or strategy is perfect for everyone—or even right for any given person at all times and across all their projects. You’ll need to experiment to find the combination that works for you, without accidentally spending so much time... more
When will the COVID-19 pandemic be truly over? The Open Notebook and the COVID-19 Data Dispatch asked 26 pandemic reporters and communicators this daunting question. Their responses provide some potential numeric thresholds—but also remind us that, even when all metrics are met, some people will remain vulnerable. These science writers... more
Telling stories about environmental health is not an easy task. Vulnerable communities are often the protagonists, and scientific evidence to back up their claims of harm by industry or governments is often scarce. To report responsibly, science journalists need to rethink the questions they ask scientists, get comfortable with uncertainty, and... more
Entrevistar a científicos es una parte básica del periodismo científico. Pero elegir las fuentes adecuadas y tener una conversación exitosa puede ser una tarea retadora, incluso para los periodistas experimentados. No hay garantía de que cada entrevista vaya a ser excelente, pero planificar y prepararse bien puede maximizar tus posibilidades de... more
Los estudiantes internacionales inscritos en programas académicos en los Estados Unidos tienen restricciones laborales estrictas que pueden dificultar el inicio de una carrera como escritor o escritora por medio de trabajo freelance o independiente. Sin embargo, con una buena planificación y manteniendo registros detallados, es posible que los... more
International students enrolled in academic programs in the U.S. have tight work restrictions that can make it difficult to kickstart a writing career with freelance work. However, with planning and good record-keeping, it is possible for international students to legally freelance while on a student visa, both before and after the completion of... more
Eric Boodman is a reporter for STAT, where he's written about entomologists who specialize in fictional infestations, Haitian-American hospital workers lost to COVID-19, and many other subjects. His pieces have also appeared in, Undark, and The Boston Globe Magazine. The post A Day in the Life of Eric Boodman appeared first on The... more
Many journalists feel anxiety when dealing with statistics, data, or even arithmetic in their work, to the point where some consider being "bad at math" practically a badge of honor. But math anxiety is neither fixed nor insurmountable—it is the product of deeply ingrained thought patterns, ones that can be changed and altered to more positive,... more
The Open Notebook is an essential resource for science journalists and aspiring science writers. We are committed to continuing to support the science journalism community. If TON is a meaningful resource for you, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution today. The post Please Help Support <i>The Open Notebook</i> appeared... more
The pandemic left many writers without one of their main tools to write engaging scenes: going to places where they can experience the story firsthand. Many audio producers are accustomed to telling stories from a distance, so the questions they ask to create sensory scenes didn’t change much in remote reporting. However, they did have to make... more