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Prominent science and medical journalists spoke in October 2009 at Yale School of Medicine about the importance of scientists communicating their work to the public. They were part of a CASW “brown bag” lunch program that was attended by more than 100 Yale faculty, staff and students and recorded for wider viewing.

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How do you summarize the past 50 years of discoveries in science, technology, engineering, medicine and mathematics? That kind of challenge would be daunting for any one person - but fortunately, we have a huge crowd of science fans to help with the task.

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In 2010, CASW commemorated its first half-century. The 50-year celebration included:

Victor Cohn Prize 2008

Joe Palca of NPR Wins 2008 Victor Cohn Prize for Excellence in Medical Science Reporting

Winning Articles

Joe Palca, science correspondent for National Public Radio, has been named to receive the 2008 Victor Cohn Prize for Excellence in Medical Science Reporting for his outstanding, insightful coverage of a wide range of medical topics.


ScienceWriters2011 at Northern Arizona University

It's time to mark your calendars for next fall's science writers' meeting, to be held, for the first time, in Grand Canyon country!

ScienceWriters2011, combining CASW's New Horizons in Science with the annual meeting of the National Association of Science Writers, will be hosted by Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, from Friday, Oct. 14th through Tuesday, Oct. 18th. We're working on the details now, but it's likely that a trip to the Grand Canyon, only 90 minutes away, will be in the mix.

I'm about to visit Northern Arizona University, to prospect for potential speakers there. I will also be looking elsewhere in the region, and across the country. If you have suggestions for speakers you'd like to hear, please send them to me at [email protected]. As always, we are looking for world-class researchers who not only are doing exciting work, but can present it in a way that will entertain and engage us, and give us stories we can write, pitch, or assign. We're also looking for speakers from all fields of science who can background us on important stories or breaking news. Please drop me a note with your ideas.

For more information on the NASW workshops, see ScienceWriters2011. That is where you will be able to find registration info, when it becomes available in August. And for more on the scientific presentations to be featured at CASW's New Horizons in Science, watch this space!

                                                                                                                        --Paul Raeburn

CASW opens site membership

In connection with ScienceWriters 2009, CASW is providing online resources that are available with site registration. Registered members can access papers, slides and contact information provided by speakers. They can also create a personal profile for networking with other science writers and New Horizons participants. During and after the meeting, we will invite members' comments and questions.

To join this site, click on the "Member login/register" link at the top of any page. Your name and verified e-mail address are the only required credentials. To comment on a particular briefing or download background information or slides, navigate to the page using the New Horizons program.

New Horizons 2009 video now online

All talks given at the New Horizons in Science conference at the University of Texas at Austin Oct. 18-20 have been captured as video streams and posted at

Video from all 16 talks is embedded here:

Or you can go to and search for "casw." There are two streams at Ustream, labeled CASW 1 and CASW 2.

CASW thanks UT Austin's excellent videographers for making New Horizons 2009 available live online. Please send comments and feedback to Paul Raeburn. If you like this, we'll try to make it a regular feature of New Horizons.

New Horizons Traveling Fellowship Recipients

2017 World Conference of Science Journalists

  • William Funk, freelance environmental writer, Staunton, VA
  • Samantha Lee, multimedia journalist, New York, NY


  • Nancy Averett, freelance writer for national and regional publications, Wyoming, OH
  • Amy Mayer, Harvest Public Media reporter, Iowa Public Radio, Ames, IA
  • Jacob Roberts, staff writer, Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia, PA




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