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ScienceWriters2011 at Northern Arizona University

It's time to mark your calendars for next fall's science writers' meeting, to be held, for the first time, in Grand Canyon country!

ScienceWriters2011, combining CASW's New Horizons in Science with the annual meeting of the National Association of Science Writers, will be hosted by Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, from Friday, Oct. 14th through Tuesday, Oct. 18th. We're working on the details now, but it's likely that a trip to the Grand Canyon, only 90 minutes away, will be in the mix.

I'm about to visit Northern Arizona University, to prospect for potential speakers there. I will also be looking elsewhere in the region, and across the country. If you have suggestions for speakers you'd like to hear, please send them to me at [email protected]. As always, we are looking for world-class researchers who not only are doing exciting work, but can present it in a way that will entertain and engage us, and give us stories we can write, pitch, or assign. We're also looking for speakers from all fields of science who can background us on important stories or breaking news. Please drop me a note with your ideas.

For more information on the NASW workshops, see ScienceWriters2011. That is where you will be able to find registration info, when it becomes available in August. And for more on the scientific presentations to be featured at CASW's New Horizons in Science, watch this space!

                                                                                                                        --Paul Raeburn

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