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New Horizons student newsroom: Signup and details


CASW is pleased to have 9 undergraduate and graduate-student participants in the 2014 Student Newsroom representing five universities: Ohio State, Ohio University, the University of Southern Mississippi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of Florida. Like the science-writing community itself, you bring diverse backgrounds and training to the challenges of science writing.

Please use this page as a jumping-off spot for finding each other, preparing for your story assignments and planning your schedule at ScienceWriters2014. The volunteer newsroom staff join our professional mentor-volunteers in welcoming you to what promises to be an immersive and challenging experience for us all.

Story Assignments and Mentor Matches

So that you can do some prep, El Jefe has given each student participant two tentative assignments, labeled SPOT for a spot-news story or LONG for a richer exploration of a topic:

  • LONG may be a long-form piece of journalism, a multimedia piece or podcast, depending on your talent and the material you have. If you are pursuing one of these stories, it is a good idea to do some reading in advance and e-mail the scientist before the meeting to set up an interview.
  • Shorter SPOT stories (800 to 1,000 words) will be due within 24 hours or less.

We will adjust assignments and welcome enterprise projects on site. This list is a basic framework that will ensure that the major topics at this year's New Horizons get covered. Together we will act as a news organization sniffing out the best stories of each day, which will mean adapting to news as it happens.

To get background info on your session, go to and navigate through the program to the session. You must create a user account at this CASW website in order to view any downloadable material. Material will be posted the week ahead of the conference.

Other information is available at speakers' websites (follow links on speakers' profile pages.)

Meanwhile, feel free to contact your mentor and introduce yourself!

Watch this page for the newsroom schedule (attached below) and other details. See you in Elijah Pierce A.

student e-mail, twitter mentor mentors' contact INFO session assignments times
  • Nadia Drake (Sat)
  • Betsy Mason (Sun-Mon)
  • SPOT: Rizzoni, personal transportation
  • LONG: Church, CRISPR
  • Sun 3:30
  • Sun 9:30
  • Richard Harris (Sun AM)
  • Eric Niiler (Sun PM)


  • SPOT: Jarvis, bird evolution
  • LONG: Gillison, HPV and behavior
  • Sun 3:30
  • Sun 4:30

Jennifer Carpenter

  • SPOT: Bushman, violence and video
  • LONG: Belury/Kiecolt-Glaser, stress
  • Sun 8:15
  • Mon 9:30
ANDREW KAYS Charles Choi
  • SPOT: Gillison, HPV and behavior
  • LONG: Jarvis, bird evolution
  • Sun 4:30
  • Sun 3:30
CASSIE KELLY Cori Vanchieri
  • SPOT: Beacom, cosmic neutrinos
  • LONG: GMO sessions
  • Sun 4:30
  • Sun 11
KARA MANKE Glennda Chui


  • SPOT: Gillison, HPV and behavior
  • LONG: Aspuru-Guzik, billions of molecules
  • Mon 11
  • Sun 11
SARAH MIKATI Marissa Fessenden
  • SPOT: Gehrt, urban coyotes
  • LONG: Sederberg, memory
  • Sun 3:30
  • Mon, 4
  • SPOT: Sederberg, memory
  • LONG: Thompsons, glaciers
  • Mon 4
  • Mon 8:30
  • SPOT: GMO sessions
  • LONG: Kamionkowski, BICEP2
  • Sun 11
  • Mon 1


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