Council for the Advancement of Science Writing

Perlman fellowships will bring global science writers to San Francisco for 2017 World Conference

United States science writers have started a special individual donation campaign to bring their international colleagues to San Francisco in October 2017 for the 10th World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ2017).

The donations will fund WCSJ2017 travel fellowships named for San Francisco Chronicle Science Editor and former CASW President David Perlman, one of America’s most revered science journalists and surely the longest-serving member of the trade. A mentor to generations of science writers, Perlman has been a globetrotting newspaper reporter for nearly 75 years. Considered the dean of American science writing, he has covered the space race, arms control, the origin and rise of AIDS, earthquakes, genetic engineering, medical progress, human evolution—the works—and is still on the job as he nears age 98. Perlman, who served as a CASW officer in the 1970s, was named a CASW Fellow on his retirement from the Council in 2011.

An announcement of the fellowships may be found on the WCSJ2017 website. Instructions for contributing are also available there. Donations may also be made by following instructions on the support page of this website. CASW, a partner in the conference, will accept and manage donations to the fellowships.

Stories about David Perlman's career:

WCSJ2017 will be organized by NASW and CASW and hosted by the University of California campuses at Berkeley and at San Francisco. NASW is the oldest and largest professional science writing organization in the U.S., with more than 2,500 members. CASW is managing donations and sponsorships for the conference and will accept the contributions. CASW is an educational nonprofit dedicated to enhancing the quantity and quality of science news reaching the public. Opportunities for foundations, other non-profits, businesses, and individuals to support the conference can be found on the website.