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Check out these enticing headlines based on a recent study linking whole grains to lower diabetes risk: HealthDay: Want to avoid type 2 diabetes? Eat more whole grains New York Post: Eating enough whole grains cuts risk of getting diabetes: study The Spectator: Eating enough whole grains can reduce diabetes risk by a third If that’s not... more
The Storygram series, in which professional writers annotate award-winning stories to illuminate what makes a great science story great, is a joint project of The Open Notebook and the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing. It is supported by a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.  Nicola Twilley is a frequent contributor to... more
LIGO/Caltech/MIT/Sonoma State (Aurore Simonnet)An artist’s conception shows two merging black holes similar to those detected by LIGO.   The following story diagram—or Storygram—annotates an award-winning story to shed light on what makes some of the best science writing so outstanding. The Storygram series is a joint project of The... more
Registration for ScienceWriters2018, happening in Washington D.C. Oct. 12-16, is now open at Register and make your travel plans early to secure the best discounts and choices. Article type: ScienceWriters meeting
  Click to read our new PRIMER on screening. September marks National Prostate Health Month, when hospitals and urology practices push free prostate cancer screening. It’s also when we at publish our annual analysis of why these promotions — and their “screening saves lives” message — are bad... more
We are now accepting applications for the next two rounds of The Open Notebook/Burroughs Wellcome Fund fellowship for early-career science writers. (See here for stories written by our previous fellows.) The Fellowship The next TON/BWF fellowship period will begin on January 2, 2019 and end on August 31, 2019. The subsequent fellowship period will... more
Like a classic thriller from the silver screen, today’s 5-star selections feature an unexpected twist — whether that’s the surprising path to recovery that some people find from opioid addiction; the shocking way that a patient group found itself exploited by the drug industry; or the remarkable truth about your metabolism and... more
In the Apollo 8 mission, December 21, 1968, humans left earth’s gravity for the first time, and flew to the moon, circling it 10 times. They took now-iconic photos from space. To mark Apollo 8’s 50th anniversary, Robert Zimmerman collaborated with a fan of his 1998 book Genesis: The Story of Apollo 8: The First Manned Flight to Another World to... more
The PIO Committee issues a statement on one of this fall's proposed amendments. Article type: Governance
In our continuing series on problematic public relations news releases, we add another entry to our category on claims made about animal studies. The reason we’re continuing to hammer away on this issue is that, as you’ll see in these examples, many news releases deliver misleading messages that can easily be misinterpreted by readers... more