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Two new academic articles published this month lend fresh insights into how Coca-Cola fueled its corporate interests through a front group and abused accepted transparency practices through dodgy disclosures of clinical trial conflicts of interest. In a report published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health (JECH), Coca-Cola... more
Marketing of new 3D mammography machines focuses on a ‘spa-like’ experience — while evidence takes a back seat. There’s a reason mammograms are the perfect fodder for female comedians. There is little merriment in having your breast manipulated onto a table and then squeezed between square metal plates. But it does make for a... more
Joanna Kosinka/Unsplash   Profiles of scientists in the golden years of their careers take the measure of a life in science and reveal the motivations that have guided the scientist’s work. Conducting interviews for such career-spanning profiles in a way that elicits both the telling little details and the big themes of a person’s life... more
The National Association of Science Writers sent a letter to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency last week to comment on an unusual and restrictive press office episode that affected science reporters at several environmental news organizations. Article type: Freedom of InformationArticle topic: NASW news
Part of the mission of good health care journalism is to see the problems hiding in plain sight and make them visible to readers and the public. Whether it’s the perverse impact of pharmacy middlemen on drug prices, or the downstream consequences of shuttered local newspapers on public health, this week’s 5-star stories call attention to these... more
More disease advocacy organizations are enlisting business consulting groups to conduct research to further their causes and, not coincidentally, those of their pharmaceutical company sponsors. This week the strategy paid off for the Alzheimer’s Association: An article in Bloomberg News headlined “Spotting Alzheimer’s Early Could Save America $7.... more
The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) announces the launch of SciLine, a new service that will provide journalists with high-quality scientific expertise and context — on demand and on deadline. Article type: ScienceWriters magazineArticle topic: Science writing news
Good Morning America didn’t report that Erin Andrews’ “important message” was sponsored by a company that makes screening tests. You may have seen celebrity Erin Andrews’ crusade to promote cervical cancer screening, which draws from a well-worn corporate playbook of hiring celebrities to sell medical interventions.... more
The Storygram series, in which professional writers annotate award-winning stories to illuminate what makes a great science story great, is a joint project of The Open Notebook and the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing. It is supported by a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.  Sarah Wild has written about astronomy,... more
Courtesy of Kristen van Schie. (Originally published in the Mail & Guardian.)   The following story diagram—or Storygram—annotates an award-winning story to shed light on what makes some of the best science writing so outstanding. The Storygram series is a joint project of The Open Notebook and the Council for the Advancement of Science... more